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What is acoustic ventilation?

We all enjoy letting fresh air into our homes. Unfortunately, opening windows or doors can also let in unwanted noise. The concept of 'acoustic ventilation', and the technology behind all Silenceair® products, focuses on allowing air to freely enter and circulate in our homes, while keeping noise out.

Why is fresh air so important?

Fresh air gives us a sense of well-being, energises us and combats lethargy and drowsiness. In damp or enclosed spaces, fresh air displaces unpleasant smells and helps to dry out the environment.

When we block noise from our homes, we usually also reduce ventilation, or use noisy air conditioning units to circulate air. The air in our homes can become 'stale', leading to a build-up of moisture and the growth of unhealthy mould and bacteria. Toxic fumes, given off by modern furnishings and paints, can also accumulate without adequate ventilation.

How do Silenceair® acoustic vents work?

Silenceair® products are 'passive acoustic ventilators'. 'Passive' refers to the fact that they need no energy to operate.

At the core of all Silenceair® products are special arrangements of open-ended tubes called 'acoustic attenuators'. These tubes allow air to pass freely, but channel and redirect sound waves in such a way that the waves cancel themselves out, significantly reducing the passage of noise through the ventilation passage.

All that is required for Silenceair® to work effectively as a ventilator is a difference in air pressure between the outside and inside of your home. A simple breeze is usually enough to create this differential. However, bathroom or kitchen exhaust fans or passive thermal chimneys will also help to draw air into your home through the Silenceair® vent.

If there is no air moving through the unit, the Silenceair® vent will still reduce noise. However, the noise reducing properties actually improve as the volume of air moving through the vent increases.

In extremely windy or cold conditions, the sliding cover on the inside of the vent can be closed to reduce airflow.

How can Silenceair® products help me?

Our home is on a noisy street or flight path so we can't open windows.
Installing Silenceair® acoustic vents in exterior walls enables you to let fresh air into your home, without the noise. A typical living space or master bedroom would require the installation of two Silenceair® ventilators.

We want to let fresh air into our children's bedrooms, but are concerned about the security risk of an open window.
Silenceair® acoustic vents offer a unique and highly effective way to bring ventilation into domestic spaces without compromising security. Silenceair® vents are installed into the walls of your home, so unlike an open window, they do not represent a security risk. You can sleep easy knowing your family are benefiting from natural fresh air, while your windows and doors stay firmly locked.

I have a damp store room with no windows.
Many of us have spaces in our homes that we are unable to adequately ventilate because they do not have windows. The simple installation of one or two Silenceair® acoustic vents can help solve the problem of damp and mould-growth.

My walk-in wardrobe smells musty and damp.
Silenceair® acoustic vents don't just have to be installed on exterior walls. They can also be installed in partition walls to ventilate interior spaces. See the FAQ section for further information.

We want to reduce the amount of energy we use in our home.
Because Silenceair® acoustic vents use no energy, they are an ideal solution to reducing the environmental impact of our homes. When installed as part of an integrated home ventilation system, Silenceair® vents eliminate the need for costly and noisy air conditioning units.

For more information on using Silenceair® acoustic vents as part of an integrated home ventilation system, see the FAQ section.

We want to enjoy the full potential of our home entertainment system without upsetting the neighbours.
Silenceair® acoustic vents are also highly effective at keeping noise in. They can be installed in any situation where you wish to contain noise, while still providing adequate ventilation, such as home cinemas.

Why are Silenceair® products different?

The patented technology behind the Silenceair® products provides a more effective and efficient solution to ventilation and passive noise reduction than existing technologies and products.

Most traditional passive ventilation products are centred around plastic foam-lined ducts of various shapes. They require complex air pathways or long distances to operate. Complex pathways restrict the flow of air and long duct distance take up valuable building space. There is also the problem of build-up of dirt, dust and insects in the pores of the foam, leading to loss of performance over time and growth of bacteria and pathogens. The foam itself may also physically deteriorate.

The new technology at the heart of Silenceair® products eliminates the need for foam-lining and allows a much easier and smoother passage of air into the building. Silenceair® products are made of recyclable polypropylene, mixed with fire retardants and UV protectants and are virtually immune to environmental degradation.

Silenceair® represents a new way of thinking in sound and ventilation management for the home.

How are Silenceair® products installed and maintained?

Silenceair® wall vents are designed to fit into new or existing walls. Silenceair® products are designed for ease of installation by the average home handy-man. Installation does not require specialist equipment or materials. For detailed information please refer to the product brochures.

The vents are designed for minimum maintenance. An occasional rinse with soapy water will allow the product to maintain maximum performance for the life of the building.