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The Silenceair® product range is designed to offer you maximum flexibility in both functionality and design. Anybody with a reasonable level of confidence in home renovation can install Silenceair® wall vents. Each Silenceair® ventilator consists of three elements: the acoustic vent itself, an internal face plate, and an external face plate.

Acoustic vents

Two types of acoustic vents are available for wall installation:

  • The Silenceair® 240 Acoustic Wall Vent - designed for walls at least 240mm thick
  • The Silenceair® 140 Acoustic Wall Vent - designed for walls at least 140mm thick

Internal face plates

There are three internal face plates to choose from:

  • A face plate with an adjustable louvre to control the air in extreme weather conditions
  • A slim line face plate that is always open
  • A surface mounted cover plate to allow for maintenance access from inside the room

External face plates

You can select from two styles of external face plate:

  • Surface mounted - designed for where the vents are fitted into existing wall structures, or to give maintenance access from outside the room. Available in horizontal and vertical orientations
  • Flush mounted - designed to be built in during the construction of the building, also allowing for maintenance access from outside the room

Full installation instructions for the whole product range can be found on the shopping cart pages.