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A constant supply of fresh air in your home and workplace is essential. Fresh air is healthy, making you feel revitalised and more energetic. Silenceair®is your ventilation solution for residential and commercial properties located in noisy environments like Sydney, Melbourne, and other major cities, providing fresh air with the use of silent, innovative technology.

What we can do for you

Our products maintain a steady supply of natural fresh air flowing through your home and office whilst removing annoying noise pollution, helping to create an atmosphere of comfort and a peaceful quality of life.

Why we do it

At Silenceair® we care about the physical and mental wellbeing of our customers. A consistent flow of fresh air energises us, reduces fatigue and drowsiness, and promotes good health.

We all know that when you open a window, outside noise can destroy the serenity of your home and disturb the focus of your office. The relentless noise of a busy road, airport or rail line affects productivity, peace of mind, and takes the focus away from what is important to you.

With Silenceair® soundproof ventilation solutions, you don’t have to concern yourself with these issues. Our ventilation systems provide the flow of natural fresh air you need to be healthy, motivated and mentally revitalised, without the disturbance of outside noise. You won’t have to suffer any longer from stuffy and mouldy rooms that are created by keeping the windows closed to keep out the noise.

When you install Silenceair® wall vents into your bedroom, you can keep safe and secure with the windows and doors locked at night.

What we offer

Silenceair®offers a range of soundproof wall vents, ceiling vents and cross talk vents that allow air to circulate freely and silently through your building. Our cutting-edge technology is used to assist people in their needs to curb noise pollution and to enjoy peace and quiet.

Used as soundproof trickle vents, our products help reduce mould and keep rooms healthy.

Who can we assist

We can assist anyone with supplying fresh air and soundproofing their homes, studios and offices and work places. Our products have been installed into ultra-quiet bedrooms, apartment towers, meditation centres, sound studios, school music rooms and classrooms; anywhere you need silence.

We can also keep noise in. Our products have been installed into the walls and ceilings of noisy spaces, where there is a need to protect your neighbours. Garage studios, home theatres, music studios, workshops and nightclubs have all used Silenceair® to help keep the peace.

Our units are easy to install, space efficient, will never wear out, and are easy to maintain. Call Silenceair® today, so that you can enjoy the quality of life you deserve!

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