About Silenceair®


Silenceair® International is a multi-award winning Australian owned company that was founded with the aim of creating cost effective and sustainable solutions to the problem of providing acoustically controlled fresh air for buildings in noise affected locations.
Noise pollution is becoming more common in our built environment, however, our desire for natural fresh air remains as strong as ever.
Silenceair® products and ventilation systems are an environmentally responsible, technically sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing solution to ventilation and noise-management challenges. They represent a breakthrough in sustainable building design that is being embraced by architects, engineers, builders and home renovators around the world.
You can offer your clients and customers innovative and code compliant solutions that are faster, cheaper and easier than traditional systems, and that save you time and money as well.
Our products are ideal to install into the walls and ceilings of projects located in noise affected areas near airports, roads and railways, eliminating the need for bulky and awkward duct-work and bulkheads. Our patented technology is smaller, more effective and more efficient than traditional attenuators, and can be easily incorporated into a wide variety of ventilation and air conditioning solutions.


Design Awards


Silenceair’s Acoustic Air Vents enter the Australian Clean Technologies Competition.

The first Silenceair® product, the Silenceair® 240mm Acoustic Wall Vent, won the prestigious ABC TV New Inventors ‘Invention of the Year’ Award in 2004. Since then, Silenceair® has received a number of prestigious industry awards, including:
🏆 Silver Medal ‘Geneva International Exhibition’
🏆 Silver Medal ‘Hungarian Society of environmental innovation’
🏆 Designbuild winner ‘Best New Product’
🏆 Designbuild finalist ‘Best Eco Product’
🏆 ABC TV Invention of the year
🏆 ‘Top Ten Green Building Products in the USA’, by ‘Sustainable Industries Journal’
🏆 ANZA Technology Network Guy Manson Award for ‘hottest technology’, Silicon Valley, California.
🏆 Australian CLEANTECH Competition Finalist


International Award Winning Projects


Kroon Hall, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Silenceair® products  play a crucial role in the noise controlled natural ventilation system for the School of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, ‘Kroon Hall’, at Yale University in Newhaven, Connecticut. Kroon Hall is the first LEED Platinum rated building at Yale University and is the winner of 14 international ‘green building’ awards and was voted ‘TOP 10’ Green Building in 2009 by the American Institute of Architects. The British Architects Journal voted it ‘Building of the Year’.
Please refer to the website http://environment.yale.edu/kroon/  and to our Case Studies for more information on the building and the ventilation system.


HULIC Corporation Head Office, Tokyo, Japan

Silenceair® provided a highly effective acoustic solution in a new building constructed next to a railway line in Chuo-ku in Tokyo. The building is the headquarters of the Hulic Corporation, and is intended to be a showcase of environmentally responsible high rise design. The building is the first naturally ventilated office tower in Japan, and was awarded the first DBJ Green Building Platinum Certification in Japan for mid-sized office buildings.
An experimental exhaust ventilation system driven by a thermal chimney was designed by MIT University. We worked closely with the design team to develop highly efficient acoustic ventilation modules within the façade system, allowing noise controlled fresh air to enter the building at each floor.
Please refer to our Case Studies for further information on this project.




Silenceair® actively supports the Baan Than Namchai Orphanage in Khao Lak, Thailand, through our association with the ‘Hands Across the Water’ Charity foundation. The orphanage was founded in the wake of the Boxing Day Tsunami that devastated the region in 2004. Our staff have undertaken various fundraising and infrastructure projects, such as a 500km bike rides across Thailand, the construction of fish farms and greenhouses, sponsorships and donations.


Licencing and Distribution


Silenceair® is actively seeking National and International Licensees and Distributors for our technology and products. Please contact our office for further information.




Silenceair® respectfully acknowledges the Wangal and Muringong People, and the Elders past, present and emerging, as the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which our facilities and offices are now located. We are honoured to recognise our connection to Wangal and Muringong Country, history, culture and spirituality through these locations, and strive to ensure that we operate in a manner that respects the Elders and Ancestors of these lands. We also acknowledge the Traditional custodians of lands across Australia where we conduct business, their Elders, Ancestors, Cultures and Heritage.