Need a Solution for Acoustic Reports?

For noise affected buildings requiring acoustic controlled ventilation, Mechanical Engineers recommend Silenceair®:-





Sometimes project managers of building sites neglect the acoustic report. In this case, Silenceair® can be quickly and easily installed on site using unskilled labour. Silenceair® units have been designed to be easily fixed within the wall structure.
The modules are hidden in the wall and only the small vent openings are visible on the inside and outside walls. This provides a fast and cost effective solution to acoustic ventilation problems.
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A Code Compliant Solution

When designed in conjunction with a fan driven exhaust system, such as the bathroom exhaust or an externally ducted kitchen fan, the Silenceair® system becomes a mechanical exhaust system under AS 1668.2. The high acoustic performance of the vents will maintain the perimeter acoustic barrier to the apartment that was identified in the acoustic report.

Fast and Easy to Install

The Silenceair® modules are designed to be easily fixed within the wall structure, using unskilled labour, saving time and labour costs. There is no need for additional expensive and intrusive bulkheads and ductwork. The modules can be easily retrofitted at a late stage in the construction process with minimal disruption.

The Lowest Cost Answer to your Problem

Silenceair® is the most cost effective solution for code compliant ventilation in noise affected areas. There is minimum additional expenditure to ensure code compliance. In a residential apartment the exhaust ventilation system is already included in the project, so adding some Silenceair® units is inexpensive, fast and easy to install.

Environmentally Responsible Design

The Silenceair® Modules contain recycled material, and are fully recyclable. They are passive devices using no energy, and require no maintenance to continue to perform and will last the life of the building. When an apartment is not occupied and the fan system is switched off, the Silenceair® units will act as trickle vents for background ventilation, allowing fresh air movement in rooms, reducing the build up of mould, mildew and noxious fumes from furnishings and paint.


For noise affected buildings requiring acoustic controlled ventilation, Acoustic Engineers recommend Silenceair®.

It has been installed in residential building projects across Australia over the last ten years.