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Use Silenceair in homes affected by noise problems

Acoustic Engineers recommend Silenceair®

Soundproof exhaust ventilation system for apartment and family home renovation

What is your noise problem?

Here are the top most common reported noise
problems in homes:

  • Traffic noise
  • Aircraft noise
  • Railway noise
  • Pub and restaurant noise
  • And of course, noise from your neighbours!
The beauty of Silenceair is that it will make your home soundproof and allows fresh air to pass through your walls. You can keep your windows and doors shut to keep out the noise, but still, get fresh air into the room.

How does Silenceair® solve your outside noise problems?

Silenceair is designed so that when you close your doors and windows to keep the noise out, the Silenceair vent in your wall allows fresh air to come in with no noise. 
Silenceair cancels out sound waves as they pass through the device.
Silenceair sits hidden inside the wall with only a discrete vent cover visible on the inside and a small weather louvre on the outside.


Silenceair® allows your home to breathe quietly.

How does Silenceair® solve your inside noise problems?

If you have:

  • A home theatre
  • A workshop
  • A music studio
Silenceair is used to get fresh air into the room and stop the noise going out to the outside to disturb your neighbours.
By placing the Silenceair unit in a reverse position in the wall, the sound is contained inside the room, whilst fresh air moves from the outside of the room to the inside.
Please refer to our case studies for more information.

Health Benefits

Silenceair allows your home to breathe quietly whether you are at home or not. It improves ventilation and will assist with reducing both household mould and the Volatile Organic Compound’s (VOC’s) that come from paint, furniture and carpets and build up inside houses and apartments.

Lowest Cost Solution

Silenceair is the most cost effective solution for code compliant ventilation in noise affected areas.

Hidden Discretely Within the Wall

The Silenceair modules are hidden within the wall. Only the small vent covers are visible on the inside and outside walls. The interior louvres and exterior weather louvres are colour co-ordinated to match the interior wall and exterior building colour scheme.

Environmentally Responsible Design

Silenceair modules are passive devices using no energy. They contain recycled material, and are fully recyclable. The Silenceair modules require no maintenance to continue to perform and will last the life of the building.

I first came across Silenceair in an apartment block I lived in that was near the airport and a busy main road. I experienced first-hand that Silenceair works.

When the opportunity came to design and build my own family home I would need a proven acoustic air vent product, as the new home was also near traffic and aircraft noise.

What made me decide on this product is that there are little to no maintenance requirements; inconspicuous design; and noise reduction achieved via the acoustic box. It fits within the depth of standard wall thicknesses, which is great when floor space is tight!

Katrina Blando

Katrina’s family have a new home, which has fresh air coming in through the walls and is quiet and comfortable inside.


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