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Need fresh air without the noise?

For noise affected buildings requiring acoustic controlled ventilation,
Acoustic Engineers recommend Silenceair®


What is your noise problem?


Do you want to keep outside noise from coming in?

Common noise problems are traffic noise, aircraft noise, railway noise and noise from neighbours coming in from outside your home. Silenceair® is designed so that closed doors and windows to keep the noise out while fresh air passes through the walls. Silenceair® will cancel out the sound waves as they pass through the device. The Silenceair®units are designed to sit inside the wall with a face plate louvre on the inside and a weather louvre on the outside.


Do you want to contain noise in a room and stop it from invading other rooms or going outside?

If you have a home theatre, a workshop or are building a music studio, Silenceair® can be used to get fresh air into the room and stop the noise going out through the Silenceair® vent to the outside.
Lowest Cost Solution

Silenceair® is the most cost effective solution for code compliant ventilation in noise affected areas. There is no need for additional expensive and intrusive bulkheads and duct-work.

Fast and Easy to Install

The Silenceair® modules are designed to be easily fixed within the wall structure using unskilled labour.

Hidden Discretely Within the Wall

The Silenceair® modules are hidden within the wall. Only the small vent covers are visible on the inside and outside walls. The interior louvres and exterior weather louvres are colour co-ordinated to match the interior wall and exterior building colour scheme.

Environmentally Responsible Design

Silenceair® modules are passive devices using no energy. They contain recycled material, and are fully recyclable. The Silenceair modules require no maintenance to continue to perform and will last the life of the building.

For noise affected buildings requiring acoustic controlled ventilation, Acoustic Engineers recommend Silenceair®.

These acoustic ventilators have been successfully installed in homes and apartment towers across Australia over the last ten years.