Installing Silenceair® acoustic vents in your wall.

Full installation instructions for the whole product range can be found on the RESOURCES page.

Are my walls suitable?

Please refer to the installation brochure for each wall type on the downloads page.


How big are Silenceair® wall vents?

Please refer to the Brochures on Silenceair® 240mm, 140mm and 140mm Premium for dimensions of each product. These can be found on the Brochures page.


How many Silenceair® wall vents do we need?

On average you will need two for a living space and one for each bedroom. It is important to consider if you can get cross ventilation through the house, as this will help with air movement. If you are in an office it depends on the size of the office.


Can I retrofit Silenceair® wall vents into an existing house?

Silenceair® 240mm vents are dimensioned to fit into the same space as the brick vents you see in older style houses. For newer houses without vents, it is simply a matter of choosing the correct size product for your wall (please refer to the installation brochure for each wall type on the downloads page), cutting a hole into the wall, installing the unit and then fitting the internal face plate and exterior weather louvres into position.


What colours do they come in?

The acoustic ventilators themselves are black but you don’t see them, because they are hidden in the wall cavity. The interior face plates and exterior weather louvres come in a limited variety of colours. You can paint them yourself to match your décor or we can make up special colour batches to suit your needs.


Can they be painted?

The face plate louvres can be painted any colour to suit your internal décor. We recommend you use the white louvres if you wish to paint them. The external louvres are easy to paint using a spray can. We suggest you use colourbond touch up paint.


Once installed, can I easily change the interior / exterior face plates?

Full details of how to install or change the exterior and interior face plates are included in the installation instructions, available on the RESOURCES page.


Do Silenceair® ventilator products comply with the National Construction Code (NCC)?

Silenceair® products can be understood as an operable window (a window that can be opened). As such, the limitations on the use of operable windows in the NCC apply to Silenceair® products. For example, Silenceair® products cannot be installed in a wall that is within 900 mm of a property boundary. In multi-story applications, they cannot be installed within 900 mm of a window belonging to a neighbour.
Please not the NCC has replaced what was previously referred to as the Building Code of Australia (BCA).


Where do I find installation guides?

PDF installation guides can be found on the RESOURCES page.


Do I have to employ a builder to install Silenceair® vents?

Anybody with a reasonable level of confidence in home renovation can install Silenceair® wall vents.
Please refer to the full installation instructions available on the RESOURCES page for further information about how to install Silenceair® products.