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Fast to Install

Silenceair products are designed to easily fit within a variety of wall systems. They take minutes to install and can be installed by unskilled labour. Their robust design allows them to be screwed or glued into position with no loss of performance.

Easy to use

Our products come straight from the box, ready to install. There is no assembly needed. The variety of products we have will answer any installation system or issues. They can be installed by any trade or site worker. this offers you total flexibility with your project management.

Code compliant

Our products have been successfully installed in numerous apartment project for over 10 years. When combined with a bathroom or kitchen exhaust, they act as make up air vents for each of the habitable rooms. This is deemed to be a code compliant exhaust ventilation solution, and is installed at a fraction of the labour and management costs of any alternate solution.

Lowest Cost

The Silenceair system offers you the lowest cost solution to your code compliant acoustic ventilation problems. Not only does it offer a compliant exhaust ventilation system, but can be used in conjunction with a split package or ducted A/C system to supply the required make up air. Trickle ventilation is still maintained when the system is not in use.

For noise affected buildings requiring acoustic controlled ventilation, Acoustic Engineers recommend Silenceair.

It is a fast and easy solution which has been installed in numerous apartment towers across Australia over the last ten years.